Natural Extracts

Natural remedies such as herbal extracts and natural compounds are an important source for the development of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. They play a key role in the maintenance of health, prevention, and treatment of different ailments or chronic and acute diseases, such as metabolic, inflammatory, neurological and immune system problems. Therefore, in the last decade, the interest in these natural products or natural product drug discovery has increased and continues to grow all over the world. The reasons for this can be ascribed to minor side effects with respect to conventional remedies, which are sometimes also ineffective in the treatment of disease, in particular chronic problems.

The purpose of this special issue of Pharmaceutics is to collect interesting information for the scientific community that deals with natural products, with a particular interest in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields. The focus will be on research articles and reviews on the design and development and characterization of innovative formulations, the stability of natural products, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles, and pharmacological investigation. Other technological, nutraceutical, or pharmaceutical aspects will also be welcome.

The demand for herbal extracts is increasing significantly in various applications, including skincare, health care, functional food, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics, due to the growing awareness of its health benefits among consumers. Also, improper use of antibiotics causes certain bacteria strains to develop resistance, which further leads to fatal consequences. These instances have encouraged the demand for plant-based medicines and supplements. Herbal medicines are witnessing an increasing preference as they mainly protect from several infections and are considered better alternatives for existing and emerging antimicrobial drug-resistant (ADR) pathogens.